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Swiss Team CHallenge and COVID 19,
our recommendations:

If you have any questions, please contact us.

As organisers of the Swiss Team CHallenge (STC), we are of course concerned with risks of COVID-19.

You should at all times be aware of and always follow the rules, guidelines, regulations and restrictions imposed by the Federal Government and any local rules that might also apply.

Under no circumstances should you run the event in your box in a manner that would violate these, or put your members at risk.

We have done our best to create fun, accessible, team based workouts that would allow participation in the STC in a safe and compliant manner.

All measures should be taken in respect of distancing, disinfection, masks (if required), space capacity limitations, number of participants limitations etc.

The first major change we have introduced is to increase the time of the event from one day to 3 days. Scores can be submitted starting on Friday 25th June 2021 and will end on Sunday 27th June 2021 at midnight. This is to allow some flexibility in running the event over a longer period to limit the number of people gathering in one place at a time.

Secondly, we have tried to design workouts that require little sharing of equipment, if you have sufficient equipment you could run these with each team member having their own equipment. If there is any sharing then the equipment should be disinfected between uses.

We have reduced the number of synchro movements as well to limit the time people could be too close to each other.

If you have less than 100m2 of space available for a team, then per regulations masks must be worn. There are no separate ‘masked’ versions of the workouts.

We plan to publish equipment lists soon to help preparations as well as the length of each event so that proper heat plans can be drawn up as early as possible.

We also recommend Affiliates manage their own team sign ups, so that they can control the number of participants and restrict these to remain within safety guidelines.