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How can I participate?
Talk to your CrossFit Affiliate and ask them to register for the event. Once they have registered they will give you a code so that you can register your team. Team registration will open soon. We will give you the link here as soon as we set it up)
I am an affiliate owner and I would like my affiliate to participate, what do I do to register?
Send an email to and we will send you the link to register your affiliate. Please note, only Switzerland based CrossFit Affiliates may participate.
How are teams made up?
Teams are made up of 4 person mixed teams. Teams can be either MMMF, MMFF or MFFF. No changes to the team can be made on the day of the competition.
Where does the competition take place?
The competition takes place in all participating CrossFit Affiliates all across Switzerland simultaneously on the the same day.
I am not that fit, can I still participate?
Yes! The competition is divided into three categories, the Firebreathers, the Regulars and the Rookies. You would be in the Regular category (people who regularly scale their WODs) or Rookie category if you’re new to CrossFit.
I am pretty fit but not that fit, which category should I be in?
The Firebreather category is for those who can Rx the majority of their workouts. If you are not sure you can complete all the movements, there is probably someone on your team that can do what you can’t! Challenge yourself and have fun. The Regulars category may be too easy for you.
How do I log my results?
Once you have registered your team, your team captain will receive a username, login and link for recording your results. These results will then have to be validated by your Affiliate.
I am based in Italy, France, Spain (etc. outside of Switzerland) and I would like to participate?
You can still participate, but you have to complete the workouts in a Swiss based CrossFit Affiliate.
How much does it cost? I can’t find a price anywhere?
The competition is free for teams!
Is there a t-shirt for the event?
Yes there is! It is also available through your Affiliate.